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  • save offNuamrk Party Mix DJ Controller with Built In Light Show

    Rs.10,196.00 Rs.9,800.00

  • Categories : Speakers & Monitors

    save offAlesis Elevate 6 Premium Active Single Speaker Studio Monitor

    Rs.15,582.00 Rs.13,400.00

  • save offAlesis Elevate 3 Powered Desktop Studio Speakers 3″

    Rs.9,300.00 Rs.8,300.00

  • save offAlesis Elevate 5 Powered Desktop Studio Speakers 5″

    Rs.12,841.00 Rs.11,000.00

  • save offAlesis M1ACTIVE 320 USB Professional USB Audio Speaker System

    Rs.10,230.00 Rs.9,207.00

  • save offAlesis LINELINK Dual-1/4″-to-USB-Cable

    Rs.2,808.00 Rs.2,400.00

  • save offAlesis iO4 Four-Channel, 24-Bit Recording Interface

    Rs.14,330.00 Rs.12,700.00

  • Alesis TransActive Wireless Portable Powered Bluetooth Speaker System


  • Alesis RA150 Reference Amplifier


  • save offAlesis M1Active 520 USB Nearfield Studio Monitors with USB Audio I/O

    Rs.23,252.00 Rs.20,500.00

  • save offAlesis M1 Active 320-USB Speaker

    Rs.10,230.00 Rs.9,000.00

  • Categories : Headphones, Live Sound

    save offNumark HF Wireless High Performance Wireless Headphones

    Rs.5,357.00 Rs.4,800.00

  • save offNumark Lightwave DJ Loudspeaker with Built-in Beat Sync’d Light Show

    Rs.27,902.00 Rs.25,000.00

  • Categories : Live Sound, Microphones

    Numark WM200 Handheld DJ Microphone


  • Categories : Headphones, Live Sound

    Numark Redphone Professional DJ Stick Headphone


  • Categories : Headphones, Live Sound

    save offNumark HF325 On-Ear DJ Headphones

    Rs.5,803.00 Rs.5,200.00

Showing 1–16 of 30 Result